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Lake Oswego, OR, December 19, 2017 – Bill Woodruff, a leading investment industry executive, announced today the formation of WealthFactor. The wealth management firm specializes in building and managing tax-aware, socially responsible (ESG) and income producing investment portfolios to a variety of client types including high net worth individuals.

Mr. Woodruff will serve as Chief Investment Officer. Before starting WealthFactor, Mr. Woodruff founded and acted as Chief Investment Officer for Bandon Capital Management. Bandon sold its mutual fund business to a subsidiary of Fortress Investment Group (FIG) in 2015. Additionally, over his 15+ years in the industry, Mr. Woodruff has held a variety of other portfolio management and investment due diligence roles.

WealthFactor was created to allow a broader group of investors the ability to access portfolios of individual securities. Portfolios of individual securities provide greater cost efficiency, greater potential for tax management and better control in socially responsible investing.

Mr. Woodruff said, “We are very excited to introduce our new company. We believe our greatest asset is our ability to provide meaningful value to an investor group that in the past has relied heavily on mutual funds and ETFs for their investing needs. With improvements in technology and continued reduction in the costs associated with investing it is now economically practical to build broadly diversified portfolios at modest portfolio sizes.”

Also adding, “Historically, an approach like this has only been available to the extremely wealth and institutional investors. WealthFactor brings a sophisticated institutional-quality investment approach to high-net-worth families along with boutique high-touch service.”

About WealthFactor

WealthFactor is a private, Lake Oswego, Oregon-based investment advisory and wealth management firm focused on building broadly diversified global portfolios of individual stocks and bonds. Portfolios of individual securities allow for increased customization, greater potential for tax management and social awareness. WealthFactor believes these tools should be available to a broader group not only ultra-high-net worth and institutional investors. WealthFactor offers its services conveniently through separately managed accounts in each investor’s name. Tax management + Socially Responsible + Individual Securities = WealthFactor. For more information visit www.wealth-factor.com.

Media Contact: Bill Woodruff


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