Ask your Adviser for a Discount

It's far past time for fee compression in the investment industry.


If you are paying .85% on assets or more in fees you should ask your adviser for a discount.

The mass-adviser offers a set of bundled, often outsourced commodity services that consumers pay premium prices for. The mass-adviser charges far more than they should without any meaningful potential to increase an investor’s probability of a successful outcome.

Unfortunately, high fees likely reduce the probability of successful outcomes.

Simple investing doesn’t sell as well as complex and exciting stories.

By its nature complexity requires more resources which forces higher fees.

Higher fees require greater levels of risk taking to achieve the same level of target return.

Higher risks reduce the probability of successful investor outcomes.

The mass-adviser’s business model which can heavily tilt towards sales and entertainment expenses is wildly inefficient and should be avoided.

If your adviser can’t or won’t reduce your fees please call me.

Thanks for listening.

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