RiskSmart Investing is Fee Efficient

Keep more of what you earn, by avoiding complex strategies and layers of investment management. At WealthFactor, we leverage modern technology to efficiently manage your portfolio - clients get the benefit of professional, institutional quality advice for a small fraction of the cost, all without adding unnecessary risk.

Fees: WealthFactor VS Mass Advisors

RiskSmart Fees



.35% on the first $10 million

.10% on assets after that

The Cost of Excess Fees

The long term impact of fees on your portfolio

Custody & Trading Costs

Are you using Schwab, Fidelity, Edward Jones, TD Ameritrade, LPL, Raymond James, a bank or wire-house broker dealer such as Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch or UBS?  These firms may charge more than they should for things like trading, and margin interest.  WealthFactor uses Interactive Brokers for its full-service offering which in addition to having market-leading technology also has far better rates.  

* Important Considerations: The above performance and fee illustration and simulation are for discussion purposes only and is not intended to represent actual services and the fees charged. These figures are based on generalizations and broad industry categories and will not accurately reflect the experience of any one specific investor.  Further, WealthFactor has a minimum fee level which would increase the percentage of the asset-based fee calculation for an individual should those assets be less than the asset amount required to equate to 0.35%. At times, typically for smaller accounts, WealthFactor will use ETFs which will add to total fees.  The simulation has been conducted with a starting value of $1 million, the performance of the S&P 500 index is used less the fee amounts.  Fees were subtracted daily for simulation purposes. For a detailed description and examples of how WealthFactor fees work please request a copy of our ADV Disclosure documents.


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